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Rise Lab

Quality and Check

Customized monitoring of each mousse that needs to be included in our product range.

RISELAB is mainly responsible for carrying out three types of tests to collect the data necessary for the production of high-end products.
The quality protocols we use for our tests are:

  • of a technical-productive nature linked exclusively to the search for suitable compounds to create new products
  • of continuous verification and improvement of the compounds so that they can increase the life cycle of the mousse while maintaining its performance over time.
  • real test of the mousse through our testers pilots who verify the peculiarities of the same in the relative tracks to which they are intended.

RISELAB has been a winning choice of our group allowing us to create new mousses with increasing performance but above all, with the passage of time, to have identified a quality of compounds that have eliminated the problem of the “expiry” of the mousses, once produced and placed in stock. A winning discovery that has allowed RISEMOUSSE to RISEMOUSSE differentiate itself considerably among the players in the sector.

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