we are able


we are able

We are Risemousse

Our Group

Our range of mousses has been conceived, tested and produced in series, through a particular attention linked to our historical company activity coming from the plastic materials sector.
In the past decades, with the changing of technology, plastics and characteristics of tecnopolymers that over time have found more and more applications in the industrial world, so did our company. To change with time, to be at the forefront, words that have always distinguished our approach of how to do business, hard and complicated path that has allowed us with time, to acquire autonomy and credibility at the international level in the market segments where we decided to intervene.



we are able

Material moulding
thermoplastics injection


Our Mission

Research and development to improve every day the technique of production of mousses for every type of track, for every type of motorcycle in the countless competitions of the off-road sports sector.

It is clear that the search for teams and their tyre manufacturers is to increase their performance in order to achieve ever greater success, both as podiums in the sports sector and as market shares in the commercial sector.. We are sure that in the coming years, mousses will no longer be a simple accessory but a product that will give added value to achieve these performances. RISEMOUSSE, wants to be one of the protagonists of this future by accepting the challenge, using all its experience and expertise to win its podium of recognition at international level, among the top players in the industry of this sector.

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