Technical Features

Front: 90/90-21
Rear: 140/80-18


Front: 1,0 / 1,1 bar
Rear: 1,4 / 1,5 bar


Front: 935 gr.
Rear: 140/80-18: 1615 gr.

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  • It has no expiration date. - it does not break, does not cut, does not pulverize

  • Bigger profile compared to the classic 140/80-18.

  • • Designed for Motorally trail

  • • Arizona’s polymers have an anti-friction property giving the mousse a “silk coating” developed in the RISElab with the latest technology.

  • RimLock is recommended.
  • Roads use is strictly forbidden. Risemousse does not take any responsability of misuse of its products

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